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Come and meet DELCO Distribuzione

Our background

Our background

Founded in 1982, DELCO Distribuzione is solidly established in Italy’s industrial sector. Over the years, the electrical wholesale market has taken hold and is now a point of reference with regard to the distribution of electrical material for industrial automation. Thus, the success of our enterprise has been built on such values as reliability, expertise and commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Now, backed by a proven network of international suppliers and a team of expert sector-specialist sales technicians, DELCO Distribuzione continues to evolve and face the challenges of the industrial automation industry with pragmatism and a watchful eye on market demands. Our background reflects our desire to grow together with our customers by adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry while maintaining a consultancy-oriented approach.

Our values


Establishing a synergistic relationship with employees, brands and customers is the foundation on which our continual growth in the electrical supplies market is based.

We believe that the strength of a closely-knit team is the key to our success and have created a workplace in which each member is trained and enhanced.

We establish long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust with the brands we represent and work closely to achieve common goals.

Lastly, the core of our business is working with our customers: we listen carefully to their needs and create, together, tailored electrical solutions that reflect the specific challenges of their particular sector.


Those who choose us can rely on our support when needed: our sales staff members visit the customers’ production facilities personally. This sort of approach enables us to assess the challenges posed by their installations ourselves and to consequently propose the electromechanical components most suited to each particular application context. Thanks to this process, not only do we nurture professional relationships, but mutual trust. To ensure a prompt response, the products in stock are consigned within one single business day, a commitment we maintain nationwide.

The care you don’t expect
Our relations with customers are fostered on a personal basis: we visit their companies and our salespeople deliver their supplies first-hand.


Our target industries

We act as trusted partners for extremely different types of industry and are a point of reference for the technical departments of companies that create installations for the packaging, ceramic, food, pharmaceutical and wood-working sectors. We are proud to work for such varied contexts and to contribute to the success and growth of each by supplying electrical materials for efficient, competitive and safe industrial automation.

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