Our Mission Statement

D elco Distribuzione: electromechanical components for automation.

We have been operating in the industrial distribution sector since 1982, offering ourselves as a supplier of products, instrumentation and services in the Industrial Automation market.
During these years, we have consolidated and developed a strong identity as an industry specialist.

We operate mainly in Emilia Romagna and Marche with our direct salesmen, and we are equipped to make daily deliveries throughout Italy.
We are recognized in the Industrial Automation market as a technical and commercial reality capable of meeting the needs of customers and partners.

We collaborate with selected international manufacturers with whom we have developed an important technical and commercial partnership such that Delco Distribuzione is considered a natural extension of their sales organization in terms of skills, professionalism and competitiveness.
Delco Distribuzione is therefore able to offer its customers, both acquired and potential, a complete range of products always in stock and a professional technical assistance and consulting service that is the result of years of experience and continuous training.


To be recognized as a specialist partner in the Industrial Automation market, capable of meeting customers' application needs and increasing the business of partner suppliers.



Datalogic - Body BarriersPizzato - NG Series
Datalogic - Contrast-min ReaderSelet + datalogic - Inductive sensors overview-min
Datalogic - Matrix 4-minDatalogic - M120-min Matrix Scanner Reader
Identification and vision
Overview prewired + baluffMolex - 3-min Passive Baseplate
Networking and connectivity
Balluff - BTL0PA6 Magnetostrictive Sensor + detalogicDatalogic - S85-min laser distance measurement
Measurement of stroke, position and speed
Pizzato - Position sensing 2 series FDPizzato - Connected Position Sensing 1
Position switches
Microlux - 3+led flashing lightTexelco - Light Column 3
Light and sound beacons
Giovenzana - ATEX Disconnect SwitchesNewElfin - Overview
Command and signaling auxiliaries
Generic fan 1MKS - Conditioner 3
Fans and air conditioners
Meanwell - DR Power SuppliesMean Well - LPF Power Supply
Power supplies
Elco - Interface Modules - ELTH17Elco - Interface Modules - ELTH17
Temperature controllers and relays
Westec - Cassette Drift CopyMolex - Connectors Overview - Cassettes
Junction boxes and cable glands
Teco - Multipolar energy shielded 3Teco - Copper and nickel-plated unifiles
Special cables
LS - Overview ContactorsLS - Contactors 2
Contactors and switches
Destatic - Straight Antistatic BarDestatic - Straight Antistatic Bar
Antistatic bars
Delta ohm - Instrumentation overviewAsita - 5130 Network Analyzer
ThermocoupleManifolds 1
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