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Products and accessories

Besides offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality products, our distinctive value lies in our ability to understand and fulfil the needs of your industrial installation. We select each electromechanical component with care to ensure it is compatible with your industrial devices, thereby improving performance and reducing the need for maintenance.

Rely on us for specialized technical support, prompt deliveries and a long-lasting partnership focused on ensuring efficient industrial installations.

These are the issues we deal with


Safety is fundamental in industrial automation. To ensure your workplace is protected, we offer safety devices and more besides.

Detection and Monitoring

Our sensors assess the presence of objects, measure distances, detect metallic materials and monitor changes in electrical capacitance, thereby helping to ensure precise and safe control of automated systems.

Identification and traceability

We supply advanced product identification and traceability technologies, among which RFID systems, laser markers, fixed-mount and portable scanners. Identification and monitoring precision are ensured thanks to our product range.

Controls and push-buttons

Our catalogue includes a broad range of control devices for industrial installations.

Connections, cabling and networking

We specialize in sturdy connections, cabling and networking devices for industrial environments. From junction boxes to special cables, connectors and Ethernet switches, we guarantee safe, high-performance connectivity solutions.

Measurement and Control

We offer high-precision instruments for measuring travel, position and speed along with meters, counters, temperature controllers and encoders. Our control technology is focused on optimizing the performance of your installation.

Lighting and Signalling

Our selection of products ensures optimum visibility and clear signals in industrial locations.

Switchboard components

Power suppliers, contactors, relays, fans and conditioners – all the components you need for switchboards. Choose our products for efficient and reliable management of your installations.

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