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ELFIN (Elettroforniture Industriali) was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of electromechanical products. In the years immediately following, the process of specialisation in the pulsating sector (control and signalling electro-components) took place, which consolidated the company’s position in the automation sector, mainly aimed at the automotive industry. The rapid development of the market led to the detachment from the parent company of the push button sector in 1985, which first took the form of an autonomous division and then, in 1989, as a new company: NEW ELFIN. The new company was founded with the aim of technologically upgrading its production range in order to provide the market with an increasingly evolved and up-to-date product. This objective was rapidly achieved during the early 1990s, which saw NEW ELFIN concentrate on the total renewal of its equipment and infrastructure, with a view to completely rationalising the company’s production process and logistics. This led to the creation of a product line whose distinguishing features are: high technological content, rigorous cost management, anti-competitive, full compliance with the regulations governing the sector. The following years saw the consolidation of the company on the national and international markets.