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Motion detection systems for fruit containers

The customer: manufacturer of automatic machines for the fruit and vegetable sector

A young and dynamic company, established only a few years ago, specialising in the design and construction of automatic machines for the fruit and vegetable sector.

The request: to detect the passage of transparent plastic trays

The customer was faced with the need to accurately detect the passage of transparent plastic trays on a conveyor belt. The challenge was to find a reliable and fast sensor capable of handling the transparency of the material, thus eliminating any obstacles in the production chain.

The development process: analysis and comparative tests

Starting with an analysis of the customer’s difficulty, we worked with Datasensing to identify a suitable sensor for detecting transparent objects. We carried out tests on a machine at the customer’s premises with the aim of overcoming the problem of transparent trays by guaranteeing repeatability of the result and speed of execution.

The results obtained: speed and repeatability

Our synergy with Datasensing led to the identification of a sensor effective in detecting transparent objects. Tests on a customer’s machine demonstrated an effective solution to the problem, guaranteeing excellent results in terms of repeatability and speed of execution. The implemented solution not only exceeded functional expectations, but also contributed to resource savings and achieved technical approval.

Customer feedback: satisfaction with problem resolution

The customer expressed great satisfaction with the effective resolution of a problem he had been unable to address with other brands. The proposal of the new generation sensor turned out to be the optimal decision, gaining full approval, and the intention to adopt the product for future automatic machine implementations was confirmed.