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Motion detection systems for coffee packages

The customer: manufacturer of automatic food packaging machines

A well-established company in the field of automatic food packaging machines, with a long history. The company, active in national and international markets, stands out for the design and construction of complete systems, guaranteeing a continuous service from the initial concept to final testing at the production plant.

The demand: the detection and distinction of the product by packaging

The customer faced the challenge of accurately detecting the passage of coffee packages on a conveyor belt, with the added complication of the variety of packages in terms of colour and type. This diversity required constant adjustment of the sensor, prompting the customer to look for an all-in-one solution capable of dynamically adapting to packaging variations.

The development process: analysis and comparative tests

We started by analysing the customer’s difficulty and identified a selection of functional products. We collaborated with Datasensing to conduct comparative tests at the production site, using new generation sensors.

The results: resource savings and technical approval

The synergetic partnership and our understanding of the plant’s needs allowed us to identify a sensor that exceeded the customer’s functional expectations. The solution we developed saved money compared to previously adopted systems while guaranteeing technical approval.

Customer feedback: satisfaction with performance

Our consultancy was a key element in finding and implementing optimal solutions for the customer’s specific challenges. We were highly satisfied with our pragmatic approach and appreciated the ability to present an even better performing machine to their end customers without additional costs. The implemented solution not only exceeded functional expectations but also contributed to economic optimisation.