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SELET was founded in 1973 in Turin, Italy, and began its activity by manufacturing components for the electrotechnical and hydraulic sectors. The experience gained in these fields contributed to the development of the electronics sector.
The first products to be developed were inductive and capacitive proximity switches.
In 1981 the range of detection components was enriched with a new family: photocells.
In 1985, the first automatic assembly department for SMD technology was created, a technology that was to become the core of all SELET production.
In 1986, production of incremental encoders was started. Subsequently, absolute encoders were developed and the digital instrumentation sector (voltmeters, ammeters, pulse counters, rev counters, timers, temperature controllers) was also developed in those years.
As the years went by, SELET increased its know-how using state-of-the-art production technologies.
In 1995, SELET’s Measurement Department was founded with the aim of checking the compatibility of its products with EU directives relating to electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage. (EMC, DBT). A new automatic sensor assembly line is inserted into the production environment, safeguarding optimal production timing and maintaining high quality standards.

With its products, SELET is present in a wide variety of sectors: from the most advanced automation sector to the service sector.
SELET is present in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia.
In addition to its wide range of products, SELET, thanks to the experience it has gained over the years and its extremely flexible structure, is able to follow and manage every application requirement also by producing specific products and products in customised versions.