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Development of a Custom Product for Machine Safety

The customer: industry specialising in the production of automation lines

After a long collaboration with a major company specialising in automation lines, the company presented us with a challenge which we accepted with enthusiasm. It required the customisation of a product that it purchased regularly, with the aim of optimising installation and testing times.

The request: customisation of a product to save time and increase security

The customer needed to adapt a standard product to reduce installation and testing time, especially considering the associated safety requirements. The challenge was to balance customisation with the safety standards required in the automation line sector. Given the nature of the product, which is closely related to machine safety, it was essential to carry out checks and take additional precautions to ensure high safety standards.

The development process: creating a dedicated product

We collaborated with Pizzato, starting with the detailed collection of the technical specifications of the system for consistent customisation. A continuous exchange of information and documentation allowed the creation of a test prototype. Subsequently, we made the necessary modifications until we defined the finished product, equipped with a dedicated and exclusive commercial code.

The results: reduced production time and increased loyalty

The collaboration led to significant results, allowing the customer to reduce production time and costs. The delivery of a custom-configured product has not only optimised operational efficiency, but has also contributed to greater customer loyalty. We reserved a dedicated and ‘armoured’ code, avoiding the risk of independent purchases by other customers to guarantee exclusivity without sacrificing ease of ordering.

Customer feedback: appreciation for efficiency and customisation

The customer highly appreciated the efficiency of the process and the ability to customise the product to their needs. The solution exceeded expectations, enabling the customer to meet industry-specific challenges with greater confidence and efficiency.